Accuweather: the best weather Android app

Often, when we try new apps, we end up forgetting the main purpose of these because we get lost and distracted by the multiple options and functions. Well, this won’t happen with Accuweather, which makes very clear it is an app based on meteorological prediction.

Besides from that, it offers users many functions that will make them opt for it as Accuweather is the most complete app of its kind.

You can download it for free and is available for most operative systems, such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and Blackberry.

Accuweather, just like any other meteorological app, reflects the daily state of the weather and a 5 day forecast, providing information of the temperature, wind speed, relative humidity, ultraviolet index, and many more climatological parameters.

Accuweather features and advantages


When starting the app, the screen displays the weather on our current location, alongside the other aforementioned parameters. On the bottom of the screen, you will see the different accesses to the rest of this app’s functions.

But what’s given people a lot to talk about and what’s called many users’ attention is its innovative feature of weather forecast based on your lifestyle. This will allow you to know in four parameters how it will affect your lifestyle; these parameters are Health, Outdoors, Sports, and Home & Garden.

Accuweather’s developers have made a scale where all of those parameters are measured from “poor” to “excellent”; in dependence of what’s the weather like, the scale will tell users how it will affect people who suffer from asthma, migraines, arthritis or even if it’s good for going out and ride your bikes for a while. Also for for stargazing, or skiing, whether there’s the possibility there will be or will not be mosquitoes outside, and so many other things.

This information will be found helpful by many users since it might help them plan their schedule, rethink their plans, or let them know if they should carry an umbrella or some insect repellent or their bags.