The Best apps to sell stuff

Top Best apps to sell stuff 2017.

letgo for androidLETGO Review.

We’ll start up this top best apps to sell stuff through an app that’s likely to be well-known in certain areas while in others, not. It has more than 30 million downloads; it’s not the biggest app this kind, but it is rather famous effective, too. With it, you can sell anything you want. It has a catalog organized by categories to sell anything; from books, to music and clothing, to even electronics. We’re talking about LETGO.

LETGO is a minimalist app in terms of design and functionality: that makes it very easy to find products, get in touch with the seller (opening a private chat or making a counter-offer) and publish your own ads.

It allows us to see the profiles of both buyers and sellers, as well as the whereabouts of the items. With LETGO, you’ll be able to sell things you don’t need anymore, or that you didn’t even get to use. Sell both new and used items with LETGO.

letgo app review

wallapop for androidWallapop Review.

We had already mentioned it this app in the top best apps to sell clothes, but we’ll bring it up once more in this top best apps to sell stuff because, undoubtedly, this is more popular right now. This factor is important considering we are going to get a wider audience, which translates to more sales opportunities.

It is one of the best apps to sell used things, given its current popularity. Therefore, if we know how to take advantage of this, we’ll get a lot of visibility.

Wallapop is actually intended for selling second hand things, but we can also find many new products and ads for stores as professional traders.

Its operation is simple. You download the application, sign up with your email address and start buying or to selling. It’s very comfortable, easy and intuitive; you will simply have to put a title to your ad and answer interested users.

Wallapop review


OfferUp for androidOfferUp Review.

It’s an online store with its own app. It’s not one of the most popular, but rather very well scored by its users. It has an incredible amount of products around the world, and publishing an ad is as simple as finding what you are looking for. In addition, users’ scoring is very important to know whether you can trust or not in the seller; you can even get in contact with him to ask for information.

Sellers just have to upload a description and picture of the product you want to sell. Potential buyers can send texts to know the status and features of the product for sale. You can list the products that are on sale in your vicinity and get daily feedback from new products.

With a very solid rating of 4.6, it has a good niche of more than 30 million download. A simple app that works like it should work; that’s why it deserves its place in this top best apps to sell stuff.

OfferUp review

Amazon Mobile for androidAmazon Mobile Review.

The Amazon Mobile app allows users to navigate by lists, compare prices, read reviews, share products with friends, shopping and everything else that’s expected from #1 shopping website. You can use the barcode scanner to check the price and availability of any item when you are buying; all your settings are synchronized to order easily.

Amazon Mobile also provides offers Gold Box, Deal of the Day (product on sales), and recommendations based on your purchase history.

In general, with the Amazon app, we can do everything we do in the website, but in a much more quickly and easily way. By excellence, Amazon will always be one of the best websites for buying and selling. That’s why we close this top best apps to sell stuff with this app.

Amazon Mobile review



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