10 Best Android Apps on Play Awards by Google

If you are interested to know which Android Apps are the best on the market nowadays by Google itself, you are at the exact place.

10 apps for Android recommended by Google

Better App award

1- Houzz: This free app is focused on the theme of interior design. Here users can access high-resolution images, interior designers contact, compare and buy different products, visualizing how ot will remain in your own space by imposing the place with the camera.

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Go Global award

2- Pokemon Shuffle Mobile: This application is, according to Google, the most global. This is because Pokémon has fans all over the world, registering a high percentage of registered users and addicts to these famous cartoons.

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Best Videogame (Top 3) It deserved a place on this list anyway.

3- Clash Royale: This app has almost won the award for best game and still is one of the most downloaded games for quite some time now. It is a spinoff of the popular Clash of Clans, set in the same stage and with familiar characters. Free of charge, multiplayer battles and live game are some of the main attractions of this application leisure.

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Most Innovator award

4- NYT VR: The award for the most innovative app lies with VR NYT, which aims to make the carton glasses of virtual reality that The New York Times did last year for its print subscribers. Thanks to these elements conceived a new paradigm to make and consume journalism with the help of technology.

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Early Adopter award

5- World Around Me: This app was awarded as the best “Early Adopter”, using aumented reality to help users discover nearby places. It combines features of Yelp and Google Maps to offer suggestions to users.

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Best Family App

6- Thinkrolls 2: According to Google, the best app for families is this, whose teaching so that children can improve their skills by creating small creatures that guide you through a series of challenges such as logic and puzzles games, acquiring through them numerous knowledge.

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Best Material Design Use

7- Robinhood: Awarded to the best design, this app focuses on the world of finance allows you to access the world of the stock market and trade stocks without paying a fee or comisisón.

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Best Videogame (Winner)

8- Alphabear: This app is based on a set of letters, created by the studio Spry Fox. By downloading it, you can spell words by selecting letters across a grid and collect the bears that appear when you do it right.. Very addictive!

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Best use of Google Play Games

9- Table Tennis Touch: Of all the tools to develop good gaming applications offered by Google Play, this app takes the prize for combining lots of them and the result is a very visual, intuitive and fun app.

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Best Startup

10- Hopper: This app Procliamed startup, is ideal for fans of tourism and travel. Analyzes the prices of millions of flights daily and is able to predict its variations, letting you know when they reach a cheap price.

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